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In the Life of Music Location Scouting

Location scouting images in Cambodia for In the Life of Music.

hideMe Invisible Dance

Invisible Dance

Project Title: Invisible Dance Writer and Director : Caylee So Producer: praCh ly | Neardey Trinh | Caylee So |Johnny Mam INVISIBLE DANCE follows the story of Lianne, a young, talented and beautiful dancer whose promising career and relationships are threatened when she gets abducted late one night leaving her mother’s birthday party. After leaving…

Raising Your Voice Against Sexual Violence Gallery

Raising Your Voice Against Sexual Violence.

First Screening of Invisible Dance in Arlington VA

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hideMe Paulina


Themes: Family, addiction, and sacrifice. Format: 35mm Film Genre: Family Drama, Short Location: Long Beach, CA Log Line: Paulina, a 17 year old girl living in the Cambodian gambling community, struggles with her father and the realities of addiction. Story: Immersed in a vibrant world where bets and wagers are a part of everyday living,…